The Path to Meaningful Change

By Semal Luthra

Dear Changemaker,

The world is not perfect. Born to the most ambitious generation since the Renaissance, we have a burning desire to bring about meaningful change. Welcome to our journey, as we empower each other to achieve our wildest dreams and make your vision for a better world a reality.

HomeTree is inspired by the iconic Giant Redwood trees (Sequoia Sempervirens) in California. Amongst the tallest living trees on the planet, they live for over millenia. In its lifetime, these giants are home to a dazzling array of wildlife which exist symbiotically. The Giant Redwood provides space for all to flourish through symbiotic networks. The tree, like everything in nature, flourishes in harmony within its ecosystem.

Like the Redwood trees, HomeTree aspires to house an array of diverse professionals; where together we cultivate a rich wellspring of intellectual sustenance that will nurture and harness your potential. Like the countless that flock to the redwoods, we hope you too bring a spirit of symbiosis that defines the most timeless ecosystems.

If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, educator, freelancer or business professional, you realize that problem-solving is no longer a solitary activity. It is multi-disciplinary. We hope to provide you with the stage, the set and the setting where you can collaborate freely, pursue your passions and bring to life your deepest aspirations. At HomeTree we tread the path to the future, together.

Community before competition. Purpose before profit. Passion before prudence.

Welcome home.

Together with you,

Semal and Amaranath

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