NOW is the Time to Create YOUR “New Normal”

By Semal Luthra

“In a world where real change is hard to come by, the pandemic has, in effect, forced our hand: we have an opportunity to change because we have to, to emerge into a world that is not merely new, but better, fairer and more compassionate than the one we leave behind. Because there is no going back…“
– Arriana Huffington

The real change we were yearning to see in the world is here, shifting our lifestyles and work out of our ‘comfort zone’. In our own plight to gain stability once again, this series explores how to reinvent ourselves to be in rhythm with the new normal. We are now in the period of radical innovation and transformation as a collective species. And so, now more than ever more, it is crucial for us to re-look at our own lives and ask ourselves some hard questions — What do we really need to live a happy and fulfilled life? What changes do we need to make in our life?

Transformative change rarely happens without a catalyst and a crisis. When we take a look at the Adaptive Cycle model, it’s evident from the beginning of time that Nature has always emerged strong. Its ability to renew itself is the perfect example that massive change and stability can paradoxically work together. In this series we discuss how to build resilience over time without being perturbed by any crises great or small. The key is to be able to change, as it’s the only thing in life that is constant. However, to be accepting of change requires us to be self-aware. Finding the intersection between what we’re really good at, what we’re passionate about, what the world needs and what we can be paid for is key to making that happen.

During this historic opportunity to gravitate towards radical transformative and positive change, we encourage you to reconnect to your purpose. After all, there is no real doing in the world without ‘being’ first. Your being, your presence and your connection to yourself, and that which is greater than yourself is far more important than what you do. This will ultimately fuel what you do, and what you are yet to do! 😉

As Kim Stanley Robinson writes in The New Yorker, “the virus is rewriting our imaginations. What felt impossible has become thinkable.”

Reinventing ourselves to create a life that fulfills now seems possible. And now, with all the information at our fingertips, inspiration from mentors and thought leaders from all around the world, it is time to dig deep into the things you love so that you can share your unique gifts with the world. I dream of a world, where everyone is passionately doing the work they love, because you are only going to be great at the thing you were meant to do. Work becomes enjoyable, exciting and stretches us to explore more aspects of our creativity.

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