Bringing back focus into the everyday hustle

Originally Appeared in The Saunday Times

Can you bring back FOCUS to your work? That’s the question on the minds of those behind the HomeTree Co-working space.

We are all part of a rat-race lifestyle where results should be delivered fast. However, there are  plenty of hurdles to slow us down. Many are the occasions where we catch ourselves scrolling through Instagram, sneaking to watch a YouTube video, longing for a break while heaps of unfinished work piles up. However, the minds behind Hometree co-working space started delving into the question for those on their entrepreneurial journey or those looking to learn. The solution? Deep Work  a solution based on mindfulness.

According to a book written by Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University in the US, he said that the process of deep work allowed him to lecture full time, write a book and raise a family all at the same time. This concept intrigued the team at Hometree as we are often distracted and people tend to multitask and ultimately leads to a lack of productivity.

According to the research-based conducted by the Hometree team, the human brain gets into a state of focus between 15 to 25 minutes generally. But in the modern workplace people get distracted every 10 to 15 minutes requiring another 10 to 15 minutes to regain focus, most people work in this shallow level of focus where they can use the mental capacities to the maximum so only in a proper state of focus they are using the brain to the maximum. Hometree intends to introduce this concept.

The sessions are conducted in two 45 minute work sprints, it starts with 10-minute priming exercises to reset the brain and create a fresh and energized mindset, for the next 45 minutes it’s based on working in a distraction-free environment where one is psychologically aware that others coworkers are working along. Once the first half is over for five minutes it engages participants in energizing yoga breathing exercises and recommences work in the next 45 minutes.

Adjusting to a work lifestyle influenced like this can help one prioritize between

urgent work and shallow work to plan the day’s schedule. It helps to break down big chunks of work into simpler tasks and finishes them with maximum efficiency by concluding 8 hours worth of work simply within 4.

Hometree has been experimenting and researching this concept and is currently in the process of introducing it to society.

Their sessions are tailored for hardworking individuals who wish to gain maximum results for the efforts they put into their daily work. These sessions will guide and train the brain to keep your focus and will act as a bridge that helps one to reach their goals and dreams in life while crossing the turbulent waters of distraction, procrastination, and lethargy.

Hometree is hopeful about stepping into the future with the hope to influence this concept in the world. COVID has made society realize how unproductive our lifestyles can be when we are exposed to unlimited freedom and distractions, everyone needs a gentle nudge to regain focus to gain a maximum of their efforts and Hometree is dedicating themselves to bring our work to the table. In conclusion, in Hometree co-founder Semal Luthra’s own words,  “We focus on a new world of work, where your inner guidance and consciousness directs what you ‘do’ in the outer world. The world does not need more copycats, it needs passionate people serving the world in a way that fulfills them, excites them, and aligns with the impact they want to create in the world. So welcome to the future of work where your ‘Being’ fuels your ‘Doing’, where purpose and intent align to serve the greater good for all.”

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