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We are absolutely thrilled to bring you a space where people from different fields come together, share their knowledge and inspiration, and support each other to reach their fullest potential.
We want you to thrive, and we're dedicated towards providing you with the perfect atmosphere to do just that.


Fostering a habitat for a conscious community of co-creators


Bringing together a conscious community of changemakers at a creative coworking space sharing knowledge, inspiration and ideas to co-create our wildest dreams!

Semal Luthra
Co- Founder

Semal brings in aspects of design, conscious capitalism and mindfulness on which HomeTree finds its roots. A newbie in the island, she is passionate about blending self-awareness with design-thinking to help individuals and startups re-invent themselves and discover their true calling so that they can build visionary products and services to address the pressing needs of our time. Semal recently attended Yale School of Management USA for her MBA. Her previous work experience branched out to Adobe USA, Deloitte UK and Dunnhumby UK. "I dream of a world where everyone is passionately doing the work they love, because you are only going to be great at the thing you were meant to do. Then work becomes enjoyable, exciting and stretches us to explore more aspects of our creativity. In a world where everyone is creating from their highest expression, we can truly manifest our highest aspirations, and make the impossible possible. We hold this vision deep in our hearts and aspire to make HomeTree, one such hub where co-workers can grow together to bring about meaningful change!"

Amaranath G.

For Amaranath, HomeTree has been the ideal opportunity to set up a nurturing ground inspired by his passion to help aspirational Sri Lankans sprout. A social entrepreneur, Amaranath finds his roots right here in the island. Since 2012, Amaranath has navigated initiatives to develop and provide employment in the north of Sri Lanka, including establishing a micro financing business and a hotel in partnership with USAID. “Being an entrepreneur, I am excited to be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs. I want HomeTree to be a catalyst of connectivity and interaction among these communities. In today’s world where everything evolves and intertwines rapidly, I believe that mindfulness has to be part of our work culture to help expand our creativity and help us lead with purpose. The need to be conscious of fellow humans, nature and striving for harmony is higher than ever before.

Praveeni S.
Community Manager

Praveeni is inspired by the ecosystem HomeTree creates for freelancers and entrepreneurs. She is a humanities graduate from the University of Peradeniya and is experienced in Customer Service and Office Management at the British Council. Having volunteered at many organisations including Tedxkandy, AIESEC and more, Praveeni is also the co-founder of Cambiumh, Sri Lanka's first Climate Change Communication focused organization. Her passion revolves around promoting sustainable initiatives and lifestyles. “As an individual who is passionate about sustainability and networking, HomeTree for me provides that ecosystem and a comfortable mix of the like minded, experts from various industries and those who are aspiring to make the world a better place through collaboration and purpose"

Isuri Jayawickrema
Community Manager

What Isuri loves about HomeTree is the strong ethos of symbiotic relations, working together to help each other grow, which she sees happening at HomeTree almost everyday. Having specialized in psychology at the University of Peradeniya, Isuri loves communicating and co-creating with members in the HomeTree network! Isuri has volunteered at many organisations including Rotaract, AIESEC and mental health related organizations. Apart from volunteering her one true passion is dancing. She is a trained Bharatha Natyam dancer and her recent performance at the HomeTree 6 months celebration was truly mesmerizing! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "Being an extrovert who loves to travel and meet new people, HomeTree provides me the perfect environment to bond with people. HomeTree is full of inspiring members who love to co-create and initiate different projects for the betterment of the world. It was really surprising for me to be able to join a company like HomeTree where there is a really flexible work life and so many interesting things to do. That's all I wanted from my work life!"

Lakshani Jayasinghe
Community Manager

Having graduated from the Academy of Design with BA Hons Fashion Marketing & Design (Northumbria University), Lakshani is a passionate creative. She is a keen collaborator who loves to get involved in new experiences and to learn from them. “Knowing that you have the freedom of expressing your true self is the best comfort you can find. It always feels like Home at HomeTree, and I believe this is definitely the place to explore and develop yourself with the amazing community around you.” ”

Jayarukshi Jayalath
Community Manager

Jayarukshi has vast experience having acted as the Economy Coordinator of Sri Lanka in Asia PacificICT Alliance 2018. While being a hard working individual, she is currently reading for her Master of Business Administration at University of Kelaniya “I'm excited to be a part of the Changemakers team at HomeTree. I believe that by committing to your intentions and taking aligned action, we are likely to end up at our desired destination.”

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